Wednesday Round 2

Oct 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

Round 2     21-10-20

 A reminder to all that if you are at the fields but not playing you will need to check in using the QR codes that are around the fields and clubhouse.

 BYES  Cheetahs


F1  TheHealthyMindsClub V red hot chilli steppers   E Boston, R Morgan  

F2   Drifters V Megan Marvels   T Cicco, D Andrighetto  

F3   not fast just furious V Ospreys   D Brown, B Viel  

F4   Shanes Stainless V Bundjalung fitness all blacks   A Viel, P Bradford  

F5   Sharks V Havenago2 – open mens   B Stutfield, B Baun  

F6  Wildcats V Zambezi   M Bronski, E Grey, R Asser

F7   Gnarly Fandangoes V JS Henderson Builders   J Hannaford, J Smith  

F8   Not For Fun V Dunno   C Knox, M Reeves  

F9   Jetts V Ospreys   D Mcquire, B Baun  


F1  El Rixo Sweet Sugar V Untouchables – wed   J Smeal, B Layzell   

F2   Sunrise Eagles V SB Wall & Floor   A Viel, K Paskins, J Jannson

F3   Smelly Boots V Who so ever   B Baun, J Hanky, D Hofmeyer

F4   Inferno V scrambled legs   B Viel, B Milner, D Roberts

F5   Offshore Pools and Spas V Send It   D Brown, R Morgan, B Robinson

F6   Team swell V Havenago Mixed   B Eyre, W Petrei  

F7   Hinterland Highlanders V Northcott Northies   C Gibson, H Gilmore, G Vann


F1  Coin Toss V Blackweb   A Beecher, K Hills, S Barbagallo

F2   Misfits V Minimal at best   D Morgan, J Stewart  

F3   Young and Old V Dusty Balls   J Bailey, D Jannson, K Hofmeyer

F4   Sunrise Cycles V The Cellars   A Drinkwater, J Harley  

F5   Tarpon Suprise V Ospreys   J Roberts, E Boston  

F6   Sunshine Blue V Chafing the dream   D Brown, C Smith  

F7   Sharks mixed V New and Used   S Turner, B Baun  


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