COVID-19 Protocols Reminder

Nov 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

COVID-19 Protocols Reminder

Thank you to everyone that has been following our COVID-19 Protocols with the running of our competition. Whilst many people are doing the right thing, we have people that are either unaware of the protocols or are ignoring them.

We have a lot of unsupervised kids at the venue that are socialising and not playing in a team. We cannot accommodate non-playing people at the venue and remain below the government limits on gatherings for sports events. We ask that parents help us with this – if your kids are not playing in a team, they are not permitted at the venue. Young children that are siblings of players and attending with parents are not included in this requirement.

Secondly, we have a lot of people that do not follow social distancing protocols. We understand that for parents on the sideline watching their kids play, it’s a good way to start your weekend wind down with a catch up with friends and family. However we need to please stay 1.5m apart. The area between fields 1 and 14 is a particular problem.

So if we can all do the right thing, our competition will run a lot more smoothly and we do not risk fines for the club or individuals, or even worse, the competition is closed down. Thank you for your cooperation.


Ballina Touch Association

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