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Round 5 allocations are shown below. Please follow the COVID-19 protocols and don’t forget your shirt and whistle.

If you are not available to ref, or want an extra game where there are gaps, please contact me. The first timeslot there are always extras due to many refs not being able to make it there in time.

A reminder about our COVID-19 protocols is below. Also, we need you all to be conscious of social distancing whilst upstairs please.

If you feel unwell, do not come to Touch.

Remember the rules around moving into and out of the upstairs referee area. You must enter and exit from the ramp. Follow the signs.

All referees must bring their own whistles – sterilise it before you come. Don’t share whistles with anyone else.

You will all receive a lanyard and plastic case to put the scorecard in. It will be yours for the season, please don’t lose it.

Only one referee is to mark the scorecard.

You will be asked to mark off the players attending and playing in the match as a sign on.

Sanitise your hands when you arrive and when you leave the upstairs part of the clubhouse.

If you are a referee only, and not playing, you are requested to sign in using the QR Code that will be upstairs.

As always please contact me with any questions or issues that you might have.

ROUND 5   13/11/20


BYES  U7a Lennox Sharks, U7b Kangaroos , U7c Stingrays, U9a Northern River Rockets, U11gA Giltrap Girls,  U11a Goats, U11b Boomerz, U11c Broady Bangers, U13gA Gangsters, U13a Sewer Rats,  U13b Lennox Legends, U15gA Drop Kicks, U15gB Tradie Ladies, U15a Lennox Lobsters, U17a Sloths



F1 Shooting Stars V Dodging Divas U11gA Charlie Paskins Xavier Eckley

F2 Sassy Cats V Super Girls U11gB Sunny Seberry Yimbukayi Kelly

F3 Knights V Raptors u11 U11c Kobi McCombie Tyler Hickey

F4 Untouchables u11 V Richmond Storm U11c Jimmy Mccombie Khi Edwards

F5 Deadly Choices V Nitro Boys U11b Davanee Sammut Logan Kennedy

F6 Breakaways V Firebirds Blaze U11gB Lily Saunders Jacob Neto

F7 Bolters V Smokin Barrels U11gA Maddison Kennedy Kye Suffolk

F8 Gladiators V Feisty Elston Eels U11c Chloe Neilson

F9 Villa Heat V Cheetahs U9d Grace Quinn

F10 Hedgehogs V Lockgirls U9c Yamun-Ginda Kelly

F11a Rainbow Warriors V Megalodons U7d Taz Milner Carter Klerck

F11b Can’t Touch This V Richmond Runners U9b Talon Penny Tex Kirkland

F12 Blue Avengers V Tigers  u7 U7b Matilda Mundey Sam Patch

F13 Tiny Pests V All Stars U7d Jack Mundey

F14 Richmond Rockets V Road Runners U7d Lucy Bill

F15 Powerpuffs V Snow Tigers U7c Sara Ryden



F1 Tigers u13g V Little Bellas U13gA Zoe Seberry Chloe Neilson

F2 Lennox Chix V Cheeky Cheetahs U11gA Kobi McCombie Grace Quinn

F3 Ballina Broncos V Screaming ninjas U11a Alexander Crimmins Xavier Eckley

F4 Lennox Dynamite V Lennox Lads U11b Jimmy Mccombie Taz Milner

F5 Moustachio V Force U11gB Lucas Gilmour Denielle Hills

F6 Flaming Meatballs V Norco Ninjas U11a Lily Saunders Logan Kennedy

F7 Black Panthers V Sassy Sisters U13gA Charlie Paskins Talon Penny

F8 Flaming Fish V Cheeky Chicks U13gA Annabelle Day Yamun-Ginda Kelly

F9 Rhythm V Plateau Pirates U7b Davanee Sammut Jack Mundey

F10 Fast Cats V Giant Pandas U9c Sunny Seberry Matilda Mundey

F11 Rainbow Tigers V Sweet Treats U9d Gloria Vann

F12 Dolphins u9 V Trojans u9 U9c Khi Edwards

F13 Speed Stars V Butterflies U7c Carter Klerck Kye Suffolk

F14 Hunters V Richmond Ninjas U7a Yimbukayi Kelly Jacob Neto

F15 RCC Lions V Go Go Gadgets U7c Tex Kirkland Tyler Hickey



F1 Pythons V Allsorts of Misfits U13b Hannah Gilmour Davanee Sammut

F2 Byron Devils V Glowsticks U13a Albie Viel Khi Edwards

F3 Team Titans V Supersonics U11b Lucas Gilmour Bree Reeves

F4 RJ Bienke Constructions V Elston Eels U11a Gloria Vann Maddison Kennedy

F5 Ponytails V Misfits u13g U13gB Alexander Crimmins Paige Reeves

F6 Firecrackers V Dolphins u13g U13gB Sunny Seberry Talon Penny

F7 Lil Stingers V Chicks on the run U13gB Annabelle Day Taz Milner

F8 Kamokazis V Seagulls  u13 U13b Kobi McCombie Yamun-Ginda Kelly

F9 Chaos V Warriors U9a Lily Saunders

F10 Flaming Hot V River Pirates U9a Denielle Hills

F11 Wonky donkeys V Stingers  u9 U9a Jacob Neto

F12 Legends V Ninja Tradies U7a Grace Quinn Jack Mundey

F13 Seagulls  u9 V Pink Ponies U9c Lucy Bill Logan Kennedy

F14 Tiger Sharks V Sign Media Panthers U7b Sara Ryden Chloe Neilson

F15 Lennox Lightning Bolts V Lightning Bolts U7a Sam Patch




F1 Dream Team  u15g V Rhino’s U15gA Mitch Reeves Eddy Boston

F2 Mad Dogs V Little Rippers – Forfeit U13b

F3 Dream team u13g V Angelfish U13gB Millie Crowe Rod Morgan

F4 Little Pests V Fireblasters U13a Dan Morgan Kacy Rose

F5 Fury V Lightning U13a Hannah Gilmour Ben Lee

F6 Mashed potatoes V Run A Muck U15b Trent Morgan Brodie Viel

F7 Blazers V Stingers  u15g U15gB Brett Quinn Jarred Roberts

F8 Byron warriors V Ballifornians U13a Albie Viel Zoe Seberry

F9 Dragon Knights V Raptors u9 U9b Charlie Paskins

F10 Renegades V Catchy Cobras U9b Alexander Crimmins

F11 Malibu Sharks V Dynamites U9d Sunny Seberry Bree Reeves

F12 Edge V Roaring Tigers U9d Jimmy Mccombie

F14 Thunder Boyz V Unstoppables U9b Maddison Kennedy



F1 Untouchable u15g V Cyclones U15gA Hannah Gilmour Zoe Seberry

F2 ShReK V All the way U17b Dan Morgan

F3 Mucca Mad Chicks V Chaos United U17b Trent Morgan Jarred Roberts

F4 Seahorsettes V Hectic Habib U15a Mitch Reeves Kobi McCombie

F5 Pink Unicorns V Phizza’s Dream Team U15b Brett Quinn

F6 3M Flatty V We Don’t Know U15b Albie Viel

F7 Thunder struck V Purple Jets U15gB Eddy Boston

F8 Biddies V Juicy Joyces U15gA Brodie Viel

F9 For The Fun Of It V Boyz U15gB Kacy Rose Tyler Hickey



F1 Hungry Hippos V Easier Said Than Run U17a Trent Morgan

F2 Johnny Sins V Big Boi Chickens U17a Albie Viel Jarred Roberts

F3 Low expectations V Youwantabiteofmemaxibon U17b Rod Morgan Ben Lee

F4 Monday Mornings V Sheels U17a Kacy Rose

F5 Jerry V Imagine Losing U15b Dan Morgan Zoe Seberry

F6 Trojans u15 V Smegma U15a Eddy Boston Paige Reeves

F7 Swamp Donkeys V Stangers Stingers U15a Mitch Reeves

Scott Turner


Director Junior Touch

Director Coaching

Ballina Bull Sharks


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