WEDNESDAY TOUCH Seniors R14 17/2/21

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Seniors R14 17/2/21

Women 6PM      Team Name                      

F2           Jetts      V             Wildcats                              Lees G ( Blackwebb )       Veil M

F4           JS Henderson Builders V   Ospreys                               Bronski M            Robinson B ( Sharks )

F6           Not For Fun V    Gnarly Fandangoes         Morgan R (minamul at best )       Keirle B ( Misfits )

F8           Dunno  V             Zambezi                               Mcquire D ( Blackwebb )               Coghail S


Men 6PM                                                                                                           

F1           Ospreys  V  Cheetahs                     Bradford P ( The Cellars )              Cicco T ( Blackweb)         Kelly M

F3           TheHealthyMindsClub  V Bundjalung fitness all blacks                   Brown D ( Wild Cats )      Veil A

F5           red hot chilli steppers   V not fast just furious                    Veil B     Stutfield B           Eyres B ( Young N Old )

F7           Megan Marvels V             Drifters                 Boston E               McFadden ( Off Shore Pools )      Bradshaw J

F9           Havenago2 – open mens V Shanes Stainless                        Duesbury P

BYE        Sharks                                                                  


Mixed   7PM                                                                                      

F1           Smelly Boots      V Sunrise Cycles               Layzel B ( Coin Toss )       Smeal J (Coin Toss)

F2           Misfits  V Sunrise Eagles                               Boston E               Petrei W ( Drifters )         Kirtchen A ( Sunshine Blue )

F3           Hinterland Highlanders V Minimal at best            Robinson B ( Sharks )      Morgan R (minamul at best )                Hofmyer D

F4           New and Used  V Dusty Balls                      Bradshaw J          Langford M {off shore pools }      Milner B

F5           scrambled legs  V Young and Old              Brown D ( Wild Cats )      Simpson L ( The All Blacks )          Munro M

F7           Blackweb V Northcott Northies                 Gilmore H ( Dunno )        Hills K ( Who So Ever )

F9           El Rixo Sweet Sugar V Untouchables       Vann G ( Gnarly Fandango )         McCombie K       Jannson D

BYE        Send It                                                                 


F1           Havenago Mixed V The Cellars                  Hannaford J ( hinterland Highlands )

F2           Coin Toss V Chafing the dream                  Boston E               Andrighetto D (Untouchable )    Hofmyer K ( Zambies )

F3           Sunshine Blue V  Ospreys                             Brown D ( Wild Cats )      Bradshaw J          Kelly M

F4           Tarpon Suprise V Who so ever                  Drinkwater A ( Jetts )      Knox C ( Sunrise Eagles )                Gibson C ( Sunrise Cycles )

F5           Offshore Pools and Spas V Inferno          Morgan D ( Not Fast Just Furious )            Stewart J (Scramble Legs

F7           Sharks mixed V Team swell                        Smith C ( Smelly Boots ) Reeves M ( Smelly Boots ) Eyres B ( Young N Old )

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