Seniors Grand Final Wednesday 7/4/21

Apr 4, 2021 | Uncategorized

Below is the proposed program for the grand finals on Wednesday.

At this point in time we plan to run the same game times as previous and there are no fields allocated as they will be allocated closer to or on the night.

Seniors Grand Final Wednesday 7/4/21


Not Fast just furious        v             Shane Steeless                  Veil B                    Veil A                    Bradshaw J

Zambezi                             v             Ospreys                              Mcquire D           Lees G                  Baun B



AWD                                   v             AWD                                    Boston E              Paskins K                Bronski M

Sunshine Blue                   v             Sharks Mixed                     Brown D              Veil A                    Morgan T

Minamal at Best               v             New & Used                      Baun B                 Bradshaw J               Smith C

El Rixo Sweet Suger         v             The Cellars                         Morgan D            Stewart J               Morgan R



sharks                   Healthy Minds Club                                       Brown D              Veil B                    Morgan T

With a little bit of luck we will get a chance to play these games. The decision on if we play or not, taking into account players well being, we will be governed buy COVID restrictions and if the fields are dry enough to play on.

We will keep you updated


Brad Izzard

Assistant Competition Manager

Email- [email protected]


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