Winter Competition – Conditions of Entry

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Winter Competition 2021 Competition Information


have read and agreed with the NSW Touch Terms and Conditions


FORMAT:  SOCIAL COMPETITION: Start Date: Round 1 Wednesday 16th June 2021.

  • Competition is social mixed
  • No Competition Points will apply
  • 14 Rounds of Social Competition will apply.
  • All games will be played on Wednesday evenings starting from 6.00pm Time slots depending on Team Nominations.
  • Teams will referee their game
  • All games will be 20-minute halves with a half time break, modified games will be scheduled during the State of Origin nights.
  • All Teams must have the minimum requirements of 10 players registered per team. This is to be finalized one week prior to competition start.



All players must abide to the Ballina Touch Association Code of Conduct

Ballina Touch – Code of Conduct

FEES:   Team and Player Registrations are to be done online, links below



NOTE: Any new Players must create and register a new account on the NRL Touch Football Australia website Please visit the website for more Info If you previously played during last season, this does not apply

Players Registration Fees will be $50.00 per player and this must be paid when players register Online.

Team Nominations will close Wednesday 9th June 2021.



  • The format for Winter Competition 2021 will be an Open Mixed Social ONLY.
  • Opens aged 14 years and over at 16/06/2021 may register to play.
  • Juniors aged 12-14 years may request to play out of age, with the agreed consent of their parent/guardian and Ballina Touch.

Requests to play out of age should be sent to [email protected] addressed to Brad.




  • All Teams must register online to be accepted into the Winter Competition.
  • All players must register online and pay their fees online to be eligible to play in the Winter Competition.
  • All players who register into the Winter 2021 Competition are agreeing to be bound by the Ballina Touch Association’s Rules of competition and membership.
  • All Teams must have 2 Email contacts (Team contacts)



All players must sign the sign on sheet available for each game (TBA)

(this is for insurance purposes and must not be ignored).



  • All Registered players and Officials are covered by the T.F.A. Insurance Scheme.
  • This Insurance does not cover for loss of income.
  • Any player NOT Registered in a participating team will not be covered.
  • All injuries must be notified immediately to a committee member in charge on the night and record relevant injuries on the Sign-On Team Sheets and are to be recorded in the Injury Book located at the canteen.
  • For Insurance Claim please visit the NRL Touch Football Australia website or speak to a committee member.



All Teams must supply Team Uniforms with Playing Numbers

It is essential that before taking the fields the following must be adhered to

Enclosed footwear, no steel studded football boots allowed at any time. Watches or jewellery must be removed whilst while playing.



In the event of a player not playing in the spirit of the game and is reported to the committee, an automatic 2 round suspension from all games will apply. The Judiciary Committee will determine if any further action is necessary. Where a team is reported for un-sportsmanship like behaviour the whole team will be suspended for 1 round, if it is to occur again they will be taken out of the competition.


WASHOUTS:  Any washed out games will be displayed on the Ballina Touch website.

Join us on Face Book or check club website for all the latest information with in the club.  FACEBOOK PAGE IS NOT ALWAYS MONITORED


Enquiries to Brad Izzard 0400909233 or email [email protected]

Team contacts will be contacted via email for game cancellation and will be posted via club website and Facebook


COMPETITION POINTS: No Competition Points will apply to Social Mixed Competition

FORFEITS: Any team forfeiting three (3) games in succession will be expelled from the competition, unless prior notice of 24 hours is given. Forfeits must be submitted to Competition Administration on 0400909233 or email us on [email protected]

Please Note: It is advised that prior to forfeits or any relevant inquiries please do not message us on Ballina touch Facebook page on game day, as it is not always monitored, it is advised you contact Brad on the number or email above.

REFEREES: No Referees will be utilized during the upcoming 2021 Winter Social Mixed Competition.


  • First Aid will be supplied at the canteen, Ice and basic First Aid Kit will be available at all times, however in the case of immediate emergency or medical aid, Ballina Touch Association will ensure all Players safety and follow procedures.
  • If you have injuries do not play, any injuries and incident must be recorded on the Sign-On Team Sheet and or recorded in the Injury Book. For more information on TFA National Insurance Scheme and Claims please see Brad or a committee member at the canteen for procedures.



Any matters not covered in the above Conditions or Guidelines will be determined by the B.T.A. Committee and their decision will be final.

Winter Competition Dates 2019.

Team Nominations and Player Registration will Close Wednesday 9th June 2021.


Round 1                16-06-21

Round 2                23-06-21

Round 3                30-06-21

Round 4                07-07-21

Round 5                14-07-21 S.O.O Modified Games #30mins

Round 6                21-07-21

Round 7                28-07-21

Round 8                04-08-21

Round 9                11-08-21

Round 10             18-08-21

Round 11             25-08-21

Round 12             01-09-21

Round 13             08-09-21

Round 14             15-09-21


No Finals Series scheduled for Social Winter Competition.


State Of Origin will be modified Games. (30 mins) 15 mins halves with a half-time break.

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