Senior Wednesday Competition 2021-22 – Conditions of Entry

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Ballina Touch Association                         Seniors Summer Competition 2021-22




Any matters not covered in the Conditions or Guidelines below, will be

determined by the B.T.A. Committee and their decision will be final.







Due to current health regulations, and the logistical requirements surrounding our sport, there will be no muster night for this season. The competition will commence with round 1 fixtures.


Round 1 will commence on Wednesday 13th October






The format of the competition will be as follows:

  • All teams are six (6) a side unless sanctioned by BTA.
  • All games will be played on Wednesday evenings.
  • Games will be played over 3 time slots (6pm, 7pm, 8pm)
  • Due to current health regulations teams will be required to be on the field for the commencement of their matches, and will be required to leave the field and it’s surrounds immediately after.(Arrive-Play-Leave) until NSW health’s policy changes.
  • All games will be 20-minute halves with a half time break.


Season Fixtures will be published on Ballina Touch website and Ballina Touch Facebook page.

Finals Series format there will be a three week finals series (weather and all else permitting)





Ballina Touch Association reserved the right, at the tournament committee’s discretion, to apply grading to suit all division.

A grading period will apply between Round 1 and Round 10.

Based on the results after the completion of round 10, teams may be regraded to a higher or lower division.

Affected teams will be notified by email.




The Ballina Touch Zero Tolerance Policy applies to the Summer 2021-22 Competition. This policy applies to both On and Off field behaviour (see notes under ‘Suspensions’)

Ballina Touch Zero Tolerance Policy is available on our website.




  • Seniors Registration Fees are$120 per Player per team * if a player choses to play in more than (1) team, he/she must register and pay the additional $120 registration fees. (this also applies to junior registration fees).


  • Juniors Registration Fees are – $100 per Player per team

Please Note: to be eligible for junior registration fees he/she must be under 18 years old from the commencement of competition this will be from (13-10-2021).* if you are over 18 you must register as a senior player.


All Junior Players who play in the Senior Competition MUST be 14 years old by the completion date of this seasons competition (30/04/22)


  • Players Registration Fees must be paid when registering online before they will be entered onto official Team Sheets.



Players may only register in one team in any two (2) of three (3) team categories as below:

  • Men’s Open
  • Women’s Open
  • Mixed Open




All teams must supply two (2) Accredited Referees from players registered in their team, No Referees – No entry to Competition.

It is the team’s responsibility to always have one of their team referees full-fill the refereeing duty on the night. Both nominated referees replace one-another. Any change/replacing the nominated team referee is to be submitted to the Tournament Director 24hrs prior to the game.

Teams not full-filling their duty on the night will incur a forfeit result from their game that round.

Ballina Touch has a referee incentive scheme that applies to this competition, all referees will be paid for refereeing their games.

Opportunities are available, for those interested, to represent Ballina as a referee at various NSW Touch Football events (for further information please contact the club)


For teams that don’t have any accredited referee, a referee’s course will be run before the competition starts. Please check the website for details & upcoming referee course dates.


Novice referees will be paired up with a more experienced referee on Wednesday nights.

Level upgrades will be run throughout the year.


The individuals nominated as the ‘Team Referees’ must complete the ‘Referees Team Nomination Sheet’, which the Referees Director must acquire.


Nominated team referees must also be available during the Finals Series whether their teams are participating or not. Failure to participate could results in match payment deductions.


Non Playing Referees must complete the online registration which is available on our Ballina Touch website


For further inquiries regarding refereeing, referee courses, upgrades, representing Ballina Touch at NSW Touch events, referee match payments, or un-available to referee your weekly duty – please contact:

                        Jarred Robberts or                                      Dave Brown


phone:            0467042873                                                   0415663901



Team Registration & Players Registration can only be done online to enter the Summer 2021-22  Competition:

  • To enter a TEAM, go to the Ballina Touch website, click on ‘TEAM REGISTRATION’ and follow the prompts to enter a team.
  • To enter a PLAYER into a team, go to the Ballina Touch website, click on ‘PLAYERS REGISTRATION’ and follow the prompts to enter a player into a team (N.B Player Registrations are non-refundable)


           For Team and Players Registration please visit our website:    Ballina Touch Website


  • All players who Register into the Summer 2021-22 Competition agree to be bound by the Ballina Touch Association’s Rules of competition and membership.
  • Each Teams may have a maximum of 14 players registered with a minimum of (10 players). Teams who do not register the minimum of (10 players) will not be entered into the Competition until they have.


Please Note: No new Team Registrations will be accepted after the cut off point which is Friday 4th October 2021.


  • Teams found to have played unregistered players will forfeit their game. The unregistered player will be ineligible to continue to play until registered. Teams that continually play unregistered players will be expelled from the competition.
  • All teams are to provide BTA with two (2) team contacts with their phone number and 2 different email addresses these are to be used for notifying teams of relevant information.


The following responsibilities and procedures apply to All Team Contacts:

It is the team contacts responsibility to make sure that all their players are registered and supply their individuals playing numbers when signing on. They are to notify their players of game times, wet weather or game cancellations, ground and team referee duties and relevant compliance adhere by Ballina Touch Conditions of Entry.    




The following sign on procedures will apply to this seasons competition:


  • All players are to go straight to their fields. “Sign-on Sheets’ will be carried to the grounds by the referees, and players will be required to sign on, in the presence of the referee, at half time.
  • For players to be eligible for Final Series they must have played and signed on in five (5) competition games.

       Note: Byes and Forfeited games do not go towards the above count.




Ballina Touch members are insured with Touch Football Australia in partnership with JLT Sports, members should note the following:

11.1 Any player not Registered in a participating team will not be covered. For insurance purposes covered footwear must be worn at all times and No jewellery to be worn whilst playing. No steel stud boots are to be worn whilst playing NO EXCEPTIONS.

11.2 Please be aware the insurance cover (Option 1) has ‘NO INCOME PROTECTION COVERTAKEN’. It is recommended that self employed members ensure they have private income protection.

11.3 All injuries must be notified immediately to the game Referee for noting on the game card or the sign on sheet and a team member is to ensure the injury is recorded in the Injury Book located at the clubhouse at the bar.


How to make a Claim please contact direct

JLT Sports

1300 130 373




All teams must play in the same coloured shirt and individually numbered on the back only. The following rules apply:

12.1 All players must be in the correct playing attire by Round 4 at the very latest.

12.2 Team shirts or singlets MUST be of all the same colour and numbered on the back (16cm). No numbers on sleeve’s.

12.3 No taped on numbers are allowed, or written on numbers.

12.4 All participating players must have their own uniformed numbered shirts. (i.e. players are not permitted to swap shirts on the sideline)

12.5 No predominately white shirts are allowed, as they clash with referees uniforms.

12.6 Players not in team uniform must not take the field. Any players playing not in their correct team uniform will incur a 1 touchdown penalty against their team per offence after the cut-off point this will be after round 3. All Teams must be in correct attire by round 4 (3-11-21).




Ballina Touch Competitions are played under the rules of Touch Football Australia (TFA) 8th Edition and incorporated with Ballina Touch ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’.


Touch Football Australia 8th Edition Playing Rules:


Over the past couple of seasons most suspensions have been for ‘referee intimidation’. In an effort to let teams/players understand what the committee expects from all members when playing in all Ballina Touch Competitions, please read the following notes:


13.1 The committee believes that players need to lessen their expectations of referees as there will always be close calls, both for and against each team. Referees need to make decisions based on what they see, not what others believe they saw. And, yes, referees do make mistakes (….as do players, it comes with being human).

13.2 Players need to accept the referee’s decision and get on with the game. Continual questioning of decisions (even by the captain) is considered an attempt to ‘intimidate the referee. Captains can only request from the referee what the ruling was for, not to dispute the decision.


13.3 All reports of Teams/Players found attempting to intimidate/physically abuse referees will be followed up immediately.


The Competition Committee has the right to:

(a) Advise the offending team in writing (via email to team contacts) that their team has been suspended for unacceptable behaviour by two and/or more of their team members, and as a result the team will be suspended from competition for two (2) rounds. Suspension is at the discretionary of the Ballina Touch Committee & Judiciary.

(b) In the event of a player being sent from the field for the remainder of the game, an automatic two (2) round suspension from all Ballina Touch Association games will apply. The Judiciary Committee will determine if any further action is necessary. If a player is sent off in the first time slot-he/she is automatically suspended for the rest of the time slots during that round. NB: Suspensions will be advertised.

(c) The second time a team is found to be guilty of intimidating/physically abusing referees they will be expelled from the competition. NO REFUNDS.

13.4 Individual players who are involved in a second send off from the field of play for the remainder of the game, in the same season, will incur an automatic four (4) round suspension unless the Judiciary considers otherwise.

13.5 If there is a ruling that the captain or any player is unsure of, an incident report form can be filled out by the captain or manager of the team and submitted to our Director of Referees and he can clarify the ruling.




14.1 Any washed out games will be displayed on the Ballina Touch website, and Facebook site. Team contacts will also be notified by email by 4pm the day of competition.

14.2 Washed out rounds will be played where possible at a later date.


Extreme Weather Guidelines:

Games may be cancelled or postponed if extreme weather is experienced or forecast. Extreme weather includes extreme heat, cold, wind, lightning and storms. Ballina Touch utilises the NSW Touch Extreme Weather Policy which can be found on the NSW Touch website. In the event of extreme weather causing the cancellation of games during a round, results from any completed games from that round will stand and any uncompleted games will count as a draw.



Points will be allocated as follow:


  • Win/Bye: 3 points
  • Draw: 2 points
  • Loss: 1 points
  • Forfeit: 0 points


In the Semis, Finals & Grand Finals drawn games will be decided by the drop-off Procedure (a copy of this procedure is available on our web-site).





Team contacts are to ensure that their team is available for each competition game. However, if due to certain circumstances the team will not be available to play they are to advise the Tournament Director 24 hours before competition game. This will

allow time to notify the opposing team prior to the game.


Brad Izzard (Competition Manager) Mobile: 0400909233 or

email us on


The following should be noted:

16.1 Any team forfeiting three (3) games because of lack of players will be expelled from the competition, unless 24 hour prior notice has been given on each occasion.

16.2 The team that WINS on the Forfeit receives 3 competition points for a Win and is given a 5-0 touchdown result on the scorecard.

16.3 If teams do not have a minimum of four (4) players on the field after five (5) minutes from the starting bell a forfeit will be declared. The five (5) minute period will be announced by Tournament Control.


Note: Teams will be ineligible for finals series if their team has a combination of three (3) forfeits due to lack of players (no 24hrs notice given), not providing team referees as required in the conditions of entry.




With the rise in the use of social media, Ballina Touch has adopted the NSW Touch Policy on the use of Social media by participants in our competition. All participants in our competition, including players, parents and coaches are bound by the code as a condition of entry to the competition. A copy of the code can be found on NSW TOUCH website.     


  1. FIRST AID Basic First Aid, Ice and dressing is available upstairs at the clubhouse, All financial and registered players who sign-on legitimately are covered under the TFA Players Insurance policy. See also Player and Official Insurance and Injury and Claim Procedures.


Summer Competition Dates 2021-22


Online Team Registration Opens                   Tuesday 3rd September 2021

Online Team Registration Closes                   Friday 4th October 2021.

Online Players Registration Opens                Tuesday 18th September 2021

Muster Night                                                    (there will be no muster for this season)               

 Referee Accreditation Day                             TBA

(New Referees Level 1 Course)                       at the clubhouse


Main Competition


Round 1             13th October 2021         *Players Registration Fees Due

Round 2             20th October 2021   

Round 3             27th October 2021

Round 4             3th November 2021      *Team Uniforms Compliances 

Round 5             10th November 2021   

Round 6             17th November 2021

Round 7             24th Decemaber 2021

Round 8             1st December 2021     

Round 9             8th  December 2021   

Round 10           15th December 2021     *Bruce (Poppa) Gallagher Legacy Day –Fundraiser.

                                                                                                *No New Players Rego Accepted After Round 10


Christmas Break


Round 11           2nd February 2022      *Competition Resume

Round 12           9th  February 2022     

Round 13           16th February 2022    

Round 14           23rd February 2022   *Junior State Cup – Port Macquarie 25th– 27th February 

Round 15           2nd March 2022

Round 16           9th March 2022



FINALS SERIES   (5 Games Players Eligibility)


Semi Finals                              Wed 16th March 2022

Preliminary Finals                  Wed 23rd March 2022


GRAND FINALS                 Wed 30th March 2022

(Finals Series and Grand Finals date may be subject to change)

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