Ballina Touch Junior Ref allocations for R1

Nov 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

First of all congratulations to all of our new Level 1 referees. It’s great to have you on board.


Below is the referee allocations for this week. As it’s the beginning of the season and we are still finding our way, there may be some errors in here so please just let me know if there is something that doesn’t work for you. When you arrive at the grounds please come upstairs and see me or Brad to let us know you are there. If you cannot ref any games allocated to you, please let us know ASAP so we can make changes.


There will be a field map available tomorrow night and there have been a few minor changes since last year.


Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night. If you do know of anyone else not listed here that wants to ref, just ask them to turn up – they will get games to referee.



Round 1                  5/11/21
BYE’s, Moustachio 11g, Galaxy Girls 13b, Stingers 15g
Charging Rhinos 7 mixed, Lightning Bolts 9 mixed
4.30pm DIV
F1 Lennox Dynamite v Bullsharks 10 Rep 11b Khi Edwards
F2 Stingers v Bin-chickens 11b Bennett Charlton
F3 Warriors v The After boys 11b Xavier Eckley Sam Patch
F4 Supersonics v Avengers 11b Tex Kirkland
F5 Lockgirls v The Force 11g Maddy Kennedy Lucy Bill
F6 Little Moogles v Pink Ponies 11g Davanee Sammut Ava Crethar
F7 Giant Pandas v Sassy Cats 11g Grace Quinn Matilda Mundey
F8 Zen Warriors v Devil Queens 11g Penny Trease
F9 Cant touch this v Dolphins 11g Kye Suffolk
F10A Tigers v Cheeky Cheetahs 7 Mixed Taylia Brown Lorena Bill
F10B Megladons v Krakens 7 Mixed Hana Atkins
F11A Cabbo Moogles v Dolphins 7 Mixed Lex Izzard Jett Galway
F11B Fairy Penguins v Panthers 7 Mixed Carrington Smith Madeleine Alexander
F12 Richmond River Roofing Pirates v EAC Cheetahs 7 Mixed Isaac Gellatly Caleb Berry
F13 Lennox Blaze v Alstonville Ocelots 7 Mixed Ryan Knott Cooper Gerada
F14 Young Bloods v Richmond Rockets 7 Mixed Taj Thompson Miller Penny
F15 Tiger Sharks v Ocelots 7 Mixed Cody Morgan Parker charlton
F16 Allstars v Lennox Greens 7 Mixed Brylei Izzard
F1 Cruizers v Bullsharks 10 Rep 11g Maddy Kennedy Madeleine Alexander
F2 Team Titans v River Pirates 11b Carter Smith Kye Suffolk
F3 The Unstoppables v Flaming Hot 11b Hunter Smith
F4 Chicken tenders v The Tradies 11b Alexander Crimmins Sam Patch
F5 The Sexy Shreks v Ospreys 11b Davanee Sammut Denielle Hills
F6 Chaos v Richmond Runners 11b Albie Viel Cooper Gerada
F7 The GOATs v Cabbo Boy’s 13b Tyler Balfour Khi Edwards
F8 Raptors v The Revs 13b Ben Baum Xavier Eckley
F9 SpeedStars v Deadly Devils 13b Jermaine Bradshaw Logan Kennedy
F10A Sign Media Panthers v Kangaroos 9 Mixed Matilda Mundey Samuel Simmons
F10B The Fast Cats v Thunder Boyz 9 Mixed Penny Trease Lorena Bill
F11A Villa Heat v Scaffs 9 Mixed Lucy Bill Ryan Knott
F11B Snow Tigers v Roaring Tigers 9 Mixed Taylia Brown Jett Galway
F12 Cabbo Jarjums v Rainbow Tigers 9 Mixed Lex Izzard Taj Thompson
F13 Powerpuffs v Spicy Tacos 9 Mixed Carrington Smith Ava Crethar
F14 B & H Stone v Rockets 9 Mixed Isaac Gellatly Parker charlton
F15 Lennox Sharks v Ballina Bears 9 Mixed Brylei Izzard
F16 Catchy Cobras v Lennox Lightning Bolts 9 Mixed Hana Atkins Cody Morgan
F1 Dodging Divas v Billionaire Bulldogs 13g Millie Crowe Dan Morgan
F2 Lil Stingers v Devil Queens U13 13g Alexander Crimmins Rod Morgan
F3 Amazons v Dolphins 13g Logan Kennedy Jarred Roberts
F4 Ballina Broncos v Fireblasters 13b Brett Quinn
F5 Green Lightning v Sewer Rats 13b Jermaine Bradshaw Bennett Charlton
F6 BALLIFORNIANS v Piranas 13b Tyler Balfour
F7 Tradie Ladies v Mashies 13g Albie Viel
F8 Untagables v Devil Queens 13g Hunter Smith
F9 Allstars v Firebirds 13g Carter Smith
F10 Sweaty seagulls v One Touch Wonders 13b Ben Baum
F11 Angelfish v Lennox chix 13g Grace Quinn Denielle Hills
F12 Swarming Seagulls v Hedgehogs 9 Mixed Penny Trease
F13 Tiger Eyes v Wowzer Kids 9 Mixed Tex Kirkland
F14 Speedstars v NINJA TRADIES 9 Mixed Hana Atkins Miller Penny
F15 Sweet Treats v U9 Cheetah 9 Mixed Brylei Izzard
F16 Butterflies v Team Edge 9 Mixed Samuel Simmons
F17 Lightning Lennox v Richmond Ninjas 9 Mixed Caleb Berry
F1 Silly Gooses v JSC Bullsharks 15b Jermaine Bradshaw
F2 Ball grabers v Run A Muck 15b Trent Morgan
F3 Mad Dogs v 3M Flatty 15b Carter Smith
F4 Flaming Fish – Forfeit v Dragons 15g
F5 Tradie Ladies v Touch & Go 15g Millie Crowe
F6 Misfits v Stingerz 15g Ben Baum Kye Suffolk
F7 Walters Walkers v Wollongbar Bears 15b Albie Viel
F8 Stanky Legs v Bridge Rats 15b Tyler Balfour
F9 Blazes v Tradies 15g Brett Quinn Rod Morgan
F10 Chilli Peppers v Cardinals 15g Dan Morgan
F11 The Rubber Duckies v au drillers 15g Jarred Roberts


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