Juniors Round 1 Update

Nov 4, 2021 | Uncategorized

Hi, All contacts I do apologize for the previous draws but please disregard the earlier ones and this will be the last rerun.

Please check as your times may have changed I had to redo the draw for 2 age groups. This will be posted on Facebook as well as our website.
Round 1 5/11/21
BYE’s, Allstars 13g, Galaxy Girls 13b, Stingers 15g
Charging Rhinos 7 mixed, Lightning Bolts 9 mixed

F1 Lennox Dynamite v Bullsharks 10 Rep 11b
F2 Stingers v Bin-chickens 11b
F3 Warriors v The After boys 11b
F4 Supersonics v Avengers 11b
F5 Lockgirls v The Force 11g
F6 Little Moogles v Pink Ponies 11g
F7 Giant Pandas v Sassy Cats 11g
F8 Zen Warriors v Moustachio 11g
F9 Cant touch this v Dolphins 11g
F10A Tigers v Cheeky Cheetahs 7 Mixed
F10B Megladons v Krakens 7 Mixed
F11A Cabbo Moogles v Dolphins 7 Mixed
F11B Fairy Penguins v Panthers 7 Mixed
F12 Richmond River Roofing Pirates v EAC Cheetahs 7 Mixed
F13 Lennox Blaze v Alstonville Ocelots 7 Mixed
F14 Young Bloods v Richmond Rockets 7 Mixed
F15 Tiger Sharks v Ocelots 7 Mixed
F16 Allstars v Lennox Greens 7 Mixed

F1 Cruizers v Bullsharks 10 Rep 11g
F2 Team Titans v River Pirates 11b
F3 The Unstoppables v Flaming Hot 11b
F4 Chicken tenders v The Tradies 11b
F5 The Sexy Shreks v Ospreys 11b
F6 Chaos v Richmond Runners 11b
F7 The GOATs v Cabbo Boy’s 13b
F8 Raptors v The Revs 13b
F9 SpeedStars v Deadly Devils 13b
F10A Sign Media Panthers v Kangaroos 9 Mixed
F10B The Fast Cats v Thunder Boyz 9 Mixed
F11A Villa Heat v Scaffs 9 Mixed
F11B Snow Tigers v Roaring Tigers 9 Mixed
F12 Cabbo Jarjums v Rainbow Tigers 9 Mixed
F13 Powerpuffs v Spicy Tacos 9 Mixed
F14 B & H Stone v Rockets 9 Mixed
F15 Lennox Sharks v Ballina Bears 9 Mixed
F16 Catchy Cobras v Lennox Lightning Bolts 9 Mixed

F1 Lil Stingers v Billionaire Bulldogs 13g
F2 Dodging Divas v Firebirds 13g
F3 Amazons v Dolphins 13g
F4 Ballina Broncos v Fireblasters 13b
F5 Green Lightning v Sewer Rats 13b
F6 BALLIFORNIANS v Piranas 13b
F7 Tradie Ladies v Mashies 13g
F8 Untagables v Devil Queens 13g
F9 Angelfish v Lennox chix 13g
F10 Sweaty seagulls v One Touch Wonders 13b
F12 Swarming Seagulls v Hedgehogs 9 Mixed
F13 Tiger Eyes v Wowzer Kids 9 Mixed
F14 Speedstars v NINJA TRADIES 9 Mixed
F15 Sweet Treats v U9 Cheetah 9 Mixed
F16 Butterflies v Team Edge 9 Mixed
F17 Lightning Lennox v Richmond Ninjas 9 Mixed

F1 Silly Gooses v JSC Bullsharks 15b
F2 Ball grabers v Run A Muck 15b
F3 Mad Dogs v 3M Flatty 15b
F4 Flaming Fish v Dragons 15g
F5 Tradie Ladies v Touch & Go 15g
F6 Misfits v Stingerz 15g
F7 Walters Walkers v Wollongbar Bears 15b
F8 Stanky Legs v Bridge Rats 15b
F9 Blazes v Tradies 15g
F10 Chilli Peppers v Cardinals 15g
F11 The Rubber Duckies v au drillers 15g

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