Seniors Refs Allocations R1

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Seniors Ref Allocations
Round 1 17/11/21
BYE’s Gnarly Fandangoes
F1 Zambezi v Jetts Women’s Kylie Paskins Jarred Roberts Damian Roberts
F2 Australian Hotel Drifters v Cheetahs Men’s Albie Viel Mia Viel
F3 Ospreys v JS Henderson Women’s Roberts Stutfield Rod Morgan
F4 Hammerheads v Not Fast Just Furious Men’s Dave Brown Ben Vaughn
F5 Havenago Mens v Sharks 1 Men’s Tyler Balfour Jeff Fadds
F6 BOFS v Ospreys Men’s Jermaine Bradshaw Alex Crimmins
F1 Ospreys v next gen Mixed Dave Brown Albie Viel Ben Vaughn
F2 Havenago Mixed v Zoosh Wednesdays Mixed Paul Bradford Daniel Morgan
F3 Sign Media v Young and Old Mixed Alex Crimmins Jacob Stewart
F4 Touch of Class v Just Chill Mixed Kathryn Hofmeyer Denielle Hills  Kristy Hills 
F7 Offshore Pools and Spas v Shaw Thing Mixed Brad Gilmore Gloria Vann
F1 Mostly Harmless v Tag Team Mixed Jarred Roberts Dave Brown
F2 The Cellars v Australian Hotel Mixed Ben Vaughn Albie Viel Mia Viel
F3 Sunrise Eagles v Sunshine Blue Mixed Alex Crimmins Damian Roberts
F4 Send It v Untouchables Mixed Tyler Balfour Kylie Paskins
If I have forgotten someone or you are not on the list, please message me.
Jarred Roberts
Referees Director
Ballina Bullsharks Touch

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