Seniors Touch R1 17/11/21

Nov 16, 2021 | Uncategorized

Hi All,

Well its on the first round of the seniors competition. The matches are listed below.

Ballina Touch would like to remind visitors to sign in using the QR codes around the grounds and abide by the current health guidelines.

Round 1 17/11/21
BYE’s Gnarly Fandangoes

F1 Zambezi v Jetts                                     Women’s
F2 Australian Hotel Drifters v Cheetahs      Men’s
F3 Ospreys v JS Henderson                      Women’s
F4 Hammerheads v Not Fast Just Furious Men’s
F5 Havenago Mens v Sharks 1                   Men’s
F6 BOFS v Ospreys                                    Men’s

F1 Ospreys v next gen                                 Mixed
F2 Havenago Mixed v Zoosh Wednesdays Mixed
F3 Sign Media v Young and Old                  Mixed
F4 Touch of Class v Just Chill                      Mixed
F7 Offshore Pools and Spas v Shaw Thing Mixed

F1 Mostly Harmless v Tag Team                  Mixed
F2 The Cellars v Australian Hotel                Mixed
F3 Sunrise Eagles v Sunshine Blue            Mixed
F4 Send It v Untouchables                          Mixed


Good Luck

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