Wed Night touch 8/6/22

Jun 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

Hi All
Below tis the proposed round games for wed 8/6/22

The ground were inspected today and we think by wed they will be good to play.
Field allocations will need to be done on the night as we have had to make 7 fields from the space available.

A filed map will be sent showing the alterations.
Webby has advised that this week there will not be a BBQ or fire pit as there are a lot of players wanting to get home to watch the State of Origan game.

Date 8/06/2022 Game start 6.30pm
Tag Team v Smelly Boots
Sunrise Eagles v Touch of Class
havenago mixed v Just Chill
Australian Hotel Drifters v Australian Hotel Drifters Team 2
CTI cane cutters v JS Henderson
mostly harmless v Tonight’s the night
Wildcats v The Cellars

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